Nov 7
Cheat at Memovator
posted by: Dr. Macenstein in Game Cheats and Hints, iPhone, Memovator on 11 7th, 2009 | | Comments Off


I personally find the game Memovator frustratingly addictive, yet unfortunately I can’t seem to get a very high score. This isn’t surprising as I basically have no short term memory and not much of a long term one either. However we have a cheat for those of you looking to boost your score on Memovator, and this one came courtesy of the lovely Bride of Macenstein, who routinely beats me (without cheating). Here’s how to get scores of 100 or more. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 6

The Creeps Cheat Pocket God

Pocket God‘s creators have been doing some sneaky cross-promotion lately, allowing their happy little Pygmy Islanders to pop up in other developer’s games as secret unlockables. The latest, and coolest such Pocket God came is is one of my favorite games, The Creeps! Whether you’re a fan of Pocket God, or if you just want a couple new Creeps to battle, this hint is sure to add hours to the already enjoyable gameplay of the Creeps! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 4
The Ultimate Stick Wars Cheat
posted by: Dr. Macenstein in Stick Wars on 06 4th, 2009 | | 23 Comments »

One of my all time favorite cheats was for the Tomb Raider games where you could basically get every weapon and unlimited amo. It wasn’t so much that I was lazy as that I sucked, but wanted to finish the game. Anyway, faithful ICS reader Lucas has found a cheat for the game Stick Wars which will do basically the same thing!

Step 1: Start a game

Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 28

Faithful iPhoneCheatSheet reader Scott writes in with a 2-for-1 cheat special. Want to unlock all the levels in Bugdom 2 or Nanosaur 2 for the iPhone, but don’t have the time (or skill) to do so? Here’s how to do it! Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 30
Hidden “Plankophone” Easter Egg discovered in Plank
posted by: Dr. Macenstein in Game Cheats and Hints, iPhone on 10 30th, 2008 | | Comments Off

Faithful iPhoneCheatSheet reader Brian discovered a cool little easter egg in the Freeverse game Plank. It’s actually an application within an application, called the Plankophone, an odd rotary-dial-shaped musical instrument you can play with. Here’s how to open it: Read the rest of this entry »

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