How to: Type the  symbol on your iPhone

If you’re nything like me, you use the  symbol more often thn lmost ny other text chrcter in the world, nd you were probbly pretty upset when you found tht pple did not include the pple symbol in the iPhone’s keybord. Well, don’t worry, fithful Mcenstein reder Kenji has found  very convoluted wy to regin your pple symbol functionlity on your iPhone. Here’s how:

Step 1: Enable the Japanese QWERTY Keyboard on your iPhone which is found under Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards> Japanese.

Step 2: Type a new message. Notice that little “Globe” icon by the space bar? Tap that to toggle to the Japanese Keyboard.

Type “appuru”. Apple’s predictive text will do the rest.

Step 3: Type in “appuru” . You should see the  symbol appear. Select it, then tap the globe to get back to your regular old keyboard.

What could be simpler? :)

Thanks to faithful Japanese TICS reader Kenji for the tip!

[UPDATE: I can't seem to do this now with the 2.1 Update. WHY APPLE! WHY?!? (Anyone know of a workaround?)]

4 Responses

  1. Noah Says:

    Have to hand it to you, that’s a funny post.

  2. appuru Says:

    Don’t works for me. With firmware 2.1

  3. Jonathan Says:

    won’t work for me I have 2.2

  4. Dylan Says:

    You could just email yourself from your Mac with the Apple () symbol (option+shift+k). Then, you can just copy the symbol from the email on your iPhone and paste it into the note (iPhone OS 3.0+ required)